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    SnoreBeGone® is a Sleep Positioning System that is used to reduce the incidence of snoring. SnoreBeGone® is proudly supported by Protect-A-Bed® Protect•A•Bed® products have a long and successful history in Australia. With our roots beginning in South Africa 31 years ago, the product range was first introduced to Australia in 1995. So receptive was the Australian market that Australia soon became the company’s new business base, developing products and expanding the market here and internationally. Protect•A•Bed® can ..

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    Snoring is a clinical phenomenon that occurs due to vibration of the structures of the upper airways during sleep. While it is a relatively benign and common condition, in some individuals it can cause problems with activities of daily living, due to it being a disturbing sensation during sleep. Causes of snoring People who snore usually have a narrowed airway or some sort of obstruction in the flow of air through the nose and mouth to the lungs. The obstruction results in a more forceful entry of air through the nose and mout..

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